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There Will Definitely Be A Major Prize Winner In The TV Area.

>> It has been confirmed that with a timely entry, resident will be eligible to win the TV area major prize of $1,000.00 (Giveaway No. 1183). To proceed, click the "CONTINUE" button below.<<
  Do you rent or own your residence?
Own Rent
  Do you own a swimming pool?
Yes No
  Do you have children living in your household?
Yes No
  Do you own a pet?
Yes No
  Please tell us what pet(s) you own:
Dog Cat Fish
Bird Reptile Other
  Are you currently working?
Yes, I am working full-time.
Yes, I have a part-time job.
Yes, I am a full-time homemaker.
No, I'm currently out of work, but looking.
No, I choose not to work at this time.
I am retired.
I'm currently going to school.
  How do you get to work? (Check all that apply.)
I work from home
  How far do you drive to work?
  Are you planning to do any of the following in the next 3 months? (Check all that apply.)
Major home renovation project Start a business
Buy a first new home Expect a baby
Plan a wedding Refinancing
Travel Move to a new home
Buy a new car Lease a new car
Buy a used car
  What are your interests and hobbies? (Check all that apply.)
  What do you enjoy collecting? (Check all that apply.)
Antiques Coins Comic Books Die-Cast Models
Dolls Figurines Jewelry Sports Memorabilia
Stamps Other  
  What type of music do you enjoy? (Check all that apply.)
Christian Pop Classical Country Easy Listening
Gospel Hip Hop Pop Rock & Roll
R & B Other  
  What type of books do you enjoy? (Check all that apply.)
Bestsellers Romance Mystery Thrillers
Science Fiction/Fantasy Home Improvement Home & Gardening Health
Spirituality Self-Help Biographies History/Politics
Cooking Puzzles & Games Comics/Graphic Novels Children's Books
  What sports do you like watching? (Check all that apply.)
Baseball Hunting/Fishing
Basketball Mixed Martial Arts
Bowling NASCAR
Boxing Olympics
Football Soccer
Golf Tennis
Hockey Winter Sports
Horse Racing Other
  Do you enjoy casino gambling?
Yes No
  How long ago was your last casino visit?
  Have you purchased anything from the following sources in the past 6 months?
(Check all that apply.)
Website or Online Purchase
Telephone Order
Catalog or other offer in the mail
  Do you use a credit or debit card?
Yes No
  What credit cards have you used in the past 3 months? (Check all that apply.)
Visa MasterCard
American Express Discover
Gas/Department Store Other
Debit Card
  Do you wish you had better credit?
Yes, I'd like to improve my credit.
No, my credit is perfect.
Not sure.
  What do you think is the perfect $50,000.00 sweepstakes prize?
Luxury Car
Home Remodeling
Shopping Spree in the City Of Your Choice
Once-In-A-Lifetime Vacation
Cold, Hard Cash
  Tell us what you would do with the money:
Pay-off my Mortgage Pay-off my Credit Cards
Pay-down my Mortgage (I owe more than $50,000) Go on a long vacation around the world
Buy a new car or truck Go back to school
Go straight to Las Vegas Throw it in the bank
Take care of medical bills Nothing, I don't want to win
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No Interest
Low Interest
Fair Interest
High Interest
Very High Interest
No Purchase Necessary To Enter.
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